In a time where I needed help desperately, Tamara was there. She was able to get me health, dental and vision coverage when I'd lost mine unexpectedly. Her care and timeliness in my situation was very reassuring and comforting. And she was a wealth of knowledge patiently explaining process. Thank you!

We like happy Clients

Love Tamara and her friendly staff. She's been helping me out for years and always keeps me covered. Thanks Tamara. You're the best

Lanie P   Santa Cruz, California


Coverage Solutions

Life can get tough, especially when trying find the right insurance coverage for changing needs.  Schroeder Insurance has my back- always!  I can't say enough about their team.  Tamara is amazing and always responsive to questions and brilliant when it comes to coverages.  We have been with Schroeder insurance for numerous years and we always feel very well taken care of, she listens and responds to our situations.  Thank you Team Schroeder!


Auburn California

Through a dear friend we found Schroeder Insurance Services and are so grateful we did.

After receiving tons of advertisements in the mail and not wanted to even think that I was really turning 65, my husband and I knew we needed some sound advice.

Not only was the advice excellent and very informative but all the paperwork was done in a  prompt manner with follow up calls.   

If you are in need of insurance help of any kind and without worries please contact Schroeder Insurance Services for they make your questions and concerns easy to maneuver.

Gilroy, California

"Do you remember a time when companies bent over backwards to help you, follow through on their pledges to care for you and responded to your inquires in a timely and informative way? I do. I must be that old. Except Schroeder Insurance IS that kind of company, bringing to their customers a level of excellence that I thought a lost breed. My only regret is that it took me so long to try their services out. Shame on me. The amount of time and frustration I could have saved myself is profound and considerable. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend and think it's to your benefit to take advantage of their knowledge, honesty and integrity."

Kimberly D

Morgan Hill, California

Tamara and her staff go above and beyond to help their clients get the proper insurance suited for them.  Even if it means hours of research.  They're the most conscientious office crew I've ever dealt with.  If you're looking for that personal touch call Schroeder Insurance.  You won't be disappointed

Pleasant Hill, California

There are not enough stars to say how good Tamara and her staff are. Over the past five years, they have helped us through many transitions, including a retirement and the challenges of being a small business owner. The variables of health insurance today are mind-boggling, but Tamara absolutely knows the options and always helps us pick the best one. I don't know how she keeps all of her clients, their families and their businesses straight, but she does, sending us email updates and reminders throughout the year. She also was very patient in offering guidance directly to my daughter, who was a first-time insurance buyer as a young adult. I have been so grateful for her help through the years and give her my highest recommendation.We've been a customer of Tamara's company for many many years. At least 15 years overall. Throughout a of those years, Tamara and her assistant April, have been most incredible. They do all of the research that's necessary (a lot of which can't be done by the consumer) and will locate the best policy for you and your family's needs. 
They will find the best policy based on both coverage and price, after doing all of the necessary research based on what your individual / family parameters are. If you have any other needs, they will include those into their research. 
Schroeder Insurance covers every aspect of your needs - and provides the absolute best coverage of those needs in the entire industry. 
We both, my husband and I, have had special needs in coverage areas that Tamara's company have always been able to satisfy at the highest level. If ever we have questions, or an extra step needs to be taken, Tamara and April makes sure we are covered. 
My advice would be, as well as my husbands, to sign up with Schroeder Insurance Services. They have also helped members of my family and my friends. If Schroeder Insurance couldn't be of help, they took their valuable time to point our friends and family in the best direction possible. 
You couldn't find a better insurance agent in the country. 

Most sincerely,
Jillian and Dave Ashley

Gilroy, California

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