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I honestly can't imagine negotiating the complexities of health insurance without Tamara and her team - the plans, the paperwork, the terms of coverage, and the fact that all of it is constantly changing is enough to drive anyone crazy. Tamara will keep you sane and covered because she knows health insurance better than anyone. What I find most valuable about Tamara and her team is the level of personal attention and time they extend to their customers. How many obscure deadlines would I have missed had it not been for personal calls and emails reminding me in detail about what needed to be done and when? While handling one's own insurance feels like a right of passage into adulthood, Tamara makes me feel like my mom is still holding my hand through it all, making sure that I'm always covered under the best plan for my needs, and helping me jump through all of the hoops it takes to get there. I have recommended her to family, friends, and clients, and I will emphatically recommend her to you!

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