Important Covered California News

Covered California remains focused on open enrollment. We want to make sure consumers know their options. Health coverage options are available to consumers with financial assistance to help pay for coverage. We will be communicating these important messages to consumers during open enrollment, which goes through

January 31, 2017.

In the weeks and months ahead, Covered California looks forward to sharing our lessons to inform policy changes nationally.

Please help us reassure our consumers:

  • We are open for business and happy to help you enroll or renew.

  • Your Covered California coverage is not in jeopardy. We encourage you to renew into your existing plan or shop for a new plan that best fits you and your family. Don’t risk a financial burden in 2017 by not enrolling.

  • We understand there may be a lot of chatter in the media about the election, but here are three things you need to know:

  1. Your coverage will remain intact for 2017 and the foreseeable future.

  2. Your financial assistance (subsidies, APTC/CSR, small business tax credits) are protected under the law.

  3. The rates for 2017 will not change.

  • We are focused on what’s important right now, enrolling and renewing consumers into their Covered California plan.

  • Covered California does not rely on federal funding, it is a self-sustainable state-run exchange.

  • We will keep you informed about any changes in the future

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